Have you ever been so frustrated with your child's behaviour that you don't know whether to scream or cry? You are so not alone! Parenting is hard stuff. You are tasked with raising this tiny human from a mewling savage into a stand-up citizen but no one really shows you how! Why won’t they listen and do the things you ask them to do? Why do they lick every surface they walk past, no matter how many times you ask them to stop and explain how disgusting it is? Why do they hit, bite, scream, and roll on the floor when angry? Wait, is it ever okay that they do? What is "problem” behaviour anyway?

Problem behaviour really is what you make of it. Even though your mother-in-law insists your child should be over this behaviour by now, if it's something you're okay with, then it's not a problem! I believe that each family is a unique little system and that has to be respected. I am committed to finding a solution to issues you have been struggling with in ways that actually work for you! I want you to be happy with your children's behaviours at the end of this but I also want you to have tools to use that make sense for you. If the things I ask you to do take too long, or don't fit within your parenting approach, then I haven't done my job!


I have spent a decade honing my craft-

My career so far has allowed me the fortune of seeing an astoundingly diverse amount of behaviour challenges. I can guarantee you that there is nothing you will tell me that will surprise or confuse me. I work with children I have just met every day in multiple settings and I know that I can help yours too.

I'm passionate about equality-

As a parent in a same-gender marriage, I know that being inclusive of all families means being educated and aware of their unique experiences. My dedication is evident not only in my advocacy in the LGBTQ community, but in my every day practice. Truly honouring and accepting every family structure is a fundamental priority of my personal and professional life.

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