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Behaviour is an inherent element of all aspects of working with children. I can provide a behavioural lens for any topic that your conference is focused on. I work mostly with Early Childhood Educators but if you work with children in any capacity, I can help you elevate your practice.

Behaviour Basics: Set for Success

This workshop introduces the Behaviour Wayfinding Framework: an assessment tool that allows ECE's to develop common language, concepts and strategies to provide positive behaviour supports for children of all ages and abilities. The Behaviour Wayfinding Framework not only provides insights into why children often struggle, but provides concrete straightforward strategies that can be put into practice by ECE's of all skillsets and experience.

Behaviour in the Back 40

This workshop acknowledges the limitations that programs can face when it comes to their ability to embrace risky and outdoor play, and explores ways in which we can best balance the needs of their children and the restrictions we may face. Developed in partnership with an Occupational Therapist,  I outline how risky and outdoor play can reduce challenging behaviors, and how the Behaviour Wayfinding Framework can be used to asses and implement strategies.

Trauma and Behaviour

This workshop defines trauma and explains how it can affect children differently. Being aware of how trauma can influence children's abilities to be successful is essential to understanding how an early learning environment can help. This workshop explains how ECE's can create a supportive and inclusive setting and how to use the Behavior Wayfinding Framework to provide individual support for those children who may be experiencing externalized or internalized behaviour challenges.

Demystifying Childhood Sexuality

This workshop discusses how sexuality is an essential aspect of the development of children and how significant an ECE’s role is in providing support. The core factors that are discussed include: knowledge about a child’s developing self, working with families, answering children’s questions, understanding age appropriate behaviour, and how you can support early childhood sexual education in the workplace.

"(Aynsley) did a great job explaining that behaviours are caused by environment." - Ardrossan Family Center, Set for Success workshop

"Grade 1 was about to start and we were afraid to send our son to school, because his tantrums were so bad. We didn’t know what to do next, but just one conversation with Aynsley changed our entire perspective and we were able to get the help we needed." – Sam, father of 3

"Being a single mom is overwhelming at times, to say the least. Aynsley has helped me get my parenting back on track, so I can stop fighting with my daughter, and enjoy the special moments we have together." – Sarah, mother of 1

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